The importance of 5G networks and their technologies is increasing day by day. 5G enables faster data transfer, higher bandwidth, and lower latency, which forms the foundation for a variety of applications, such as augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

At the 5G Playground Carinthia, work is underway to develop and evaluate new products, applications, and processes related to next-generation communication technologies such as 5G. However, to provide users with a modern 5G campus network access and edge- and cloud-based server infrastructure, various technologies must be considered.
At this year’s International B2B Software Days 2023 – the Future of Digital Business, the 5G Playground will present various technologies that play a role in realizing such a campus network. In addition, potential issues related to the setup and optimization of the network will be discussed.

In addition to presenting the technologies, opportunities will be introduced to adapt state-of-the-art applications to fully leverage the capabilities of next-generation communication networks. The workshop aims to highlight the importance of developing campus networks and their various technologies and limitations. The goal is to provide participants with a better understanding of the technologies that are important for setting up and optimizing a campus network. Best practices will also be introduced to help developers adapt their applications to the capabilities and limitations of 5G networks.

In the future, the importance of 5G networks and their technologies will continue to grow. Companies and developers must adapt to the constantly evolving technology to fully utilize their products and applications. The 5G Playground Carinthia will continue to play an important role by providing companies and developers with access to state-of-the-art 5G network technologies and infrastructures to drive innovation and leverage the benefits of 5G.

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